Links in FAQs causing the bot to crash


So recently we have added some links in our Knowledge Graph as is shown below in the image.

When we are triggering these FAQs from the botbuilder, everything works fine but when we publish these and run it through the url where the bot is hosted, we get this

As you can see we dont get any response here.

And after that the page crashes and we have to do a hard reload to start the bot again.

Whereas when we go in the NLP insights inside the bot, we can see the response from the bot triggered in the Chat History like this -

This only happens when there is a link present in the response of the bot. If there is no link then everything works perfectly fine.

Can anybody shed any light as to why this happens and what could be done to mitigate this ?

Hello @kinjalk.bajpai ,

Have you tried publishing and training the bot ? If the same user conversation shows the response in chat history, then try to add this message as a channel specific message (web channel) and see if that works.

Hello @sameera.tumuluri ,

Yes I have tried publishing and training the bot. I have also tried to add this message as a channel specific one and that also results in a crash.

Hello @kinjalk.bajpai ,

We have tested the scenario and could not replicate the issue. Was the Web SDK implementation customized?

Yes we are using a customized Web SDK.

Is this issue due to that ?

Also I noticed one more thing today. Whenever I create a new content variable with a hyperlink that is breaking in the same way.

But any of the content variables that were added previously are working as expected.