KoreAI Web-SDK on Mic use "Recorder undefined"

I am trying to integrate the web-sdk within an angular application, as i had to move the kore UI from the repo Koredotcom/web-kore-sdk to a folder and compile it with grunt to generate the sdk.min.js and sdk.min.css.

When i integrate the bot is working but using the microphone functionality it gives me the error of “Recorder undefined” what im missing here?

Hi @ali.febrestrivino ,

We have observed from chatWindow.js that the “Recorder undefined” error occurs in two cases:


Kindly check and let us know if any of the above logics are failing.

Yoga Ramya

Hello Yoga Ramya and thank you for the response.
Making debugging on the script and identifying where it happens is triggering on the second case in my situation.

the rec.export16kMono is triggering this issue. In base of this if its something in missing and why this is happens.

Hope i had given reference to help me with this issue

Best regards.