Kore.ai Voice Bot Integration with Genesys Cloud

Hello Team,
We want to integrate Genesys Cloud with a BOT@ kore.ai. Basically, the caller is going to call on IVR(the call will land on genesys cloud) post selecting Language we will route the call Kore.ai platform for VoiceBot functionality,
The customer will interact will BOT over the voice channel. if somehow the customer is not satisfied, The BOT will send the call back to the Genesys Cloud with some UUI data. and Genesys Cloud will route the call back to agent.
Please let us know if this mechanism could be implemented or not and if yes, please let us know the procedure.

Expected Flow:
Caller Dialing(Voice call)>>>>Genesys Cloud IVR(welcome)>>>Transfer to>>>BOT@Kore.ai>>>>transfer back to>>Genesys Cloud IVR>> transfer to >>>Agent>>>Disconnect


Dev Gawande

Hello @devanand.gawande This is possible with Kore XOCCAI platform. This document gives an outline of the integrations and architecture.

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