Kore AI Sales - unresponsive

I have been given a project to get a chatbot for my company. I have reached out to Sales 3 times.

Does anyone at Kore.ai care? Anyone out there? Sales@kore.ai bounces and the sale person who reached out to me, after my request for a demo, hasn’t responded since Wednesday.

I have a meeting with Yellow.ai on Wednesday since Kore.ai sales seems to not know how to follow up.

Hello Matt,

Welcome to Kore.ai Community.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.

Could you please share the sales person details (Name) who reached out to you ?

Thank you,
Srujan Madderla
Kore.ai Community Team

He finally got back to me. I am scheduled to meet with him in a few mins…and since I had to wait. I booked a meeting with Yellow.

I’m very sorry about your experience. When I saw this post, I immediately reported your comments to the Kore sales organization and they were able to identify the source of the email delivery problem. I can’t fix the prior interaction, but hope your future emails will receive a prompt response. Thank you.