Kore AI entity custom regex pattern

In the entity node we have custom type to provide the regex pattern. I tested this and it is working. Can we supply this regex pattern from session context (as this value we are trying to send from external API)?
Tried to use context variable in the regex input box - {{context.DataAPI.response.body.regexPattern}}
But it is not working

Hello @ramkumar.p ,

From the description, we understand that you are trying to pull the regex needed for validation through an API and want to use that as input in the Custom entity node, regex field marked below.


At the moment, dynamically assigning the regex condition value is not supported.

For your usecase instead of using a Custom entity, we could use string, and use script node for the regex validation.

We will provide the feedback to our product team on this enhancement to the custom entity.

Let us know if you have any additional concerns.