Kore.ai Chatbots on Sharepoint Space


I recently started working with Sharepoint Spaces, and thought it would be a nice channel to be able to deploy chatbots, and have users interacting with them in a virtual environment.

Although the capabilities of Sharepoint Spaces are somewhat limited, we can embed iframes inside those spaces, so my initial idea was to add the default web client of one of our chatbots inside an iframe.

It was a failure however, has that page cannot be embed inside an iframe, as there are security blockers from the Kore platform, as we can see in the following error message :

"Refused to frame 'https://eu-bots.kore.ai/' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors https://*.smartassist.ai https://*.kore.ai https://*.korebots.com https://kore.ai https://*.kore.ai https://*.kore.com"."

So, does anybody ever integrated Kore.ai chatbots to a Sharepoint Space, and if so, any pointers as to how to do it ?
Else, do the dev team plan on working on that integration in the future ?

Best regards,