Knowledge Graph Translation

I am trying to build a bot, which has 300 primary question and 1500 alternate question in knowledge graph.
I have created a knowledge graph in English language and its working fine, but I want to translate that KG into German language, (I have also configured German language in bot settings), and the second step i did was to export the English KG, and used that CSV file to translate the English csv into German Csv and when i import that German csv, it gets successfully imported, and after training the bot is getting confused between different questions,
So please help me with the correct way of translating the Knowledge Graph(KG)

Hi @agarwalmridul52,

For a knowledge graph, the Ontology structure, and the path, synonyms defined for an FAQ plays an important role in identifying and matching the FAQ from an utterance.

While configuring the German language KG, please change the node names appropriately with respect to the FAQ’s in the node.

Let us know if you need any further clarification.

Yoga Ramya