Knowledge Graph - Not showing in web and messenger channel

Hi - We initially defined 2 FAQs with responses. These are just basic “What is” questions. When we tested in botbuilder, the KG was identified. However, when we tested in channels- messenger and web, the utterance fell under “Unhandled Utterance”. We have tried to edit some display message to check if the publishing works, and after we publish the bot, the modified display message (part of dialog task) was indeed reflected. But on the channels, the utterance is still unhandled.

It would appear that the Knowledge Graph was never published to the channels!

What could have been the reason? Kindly advise.


Hi @sheela.dimayuga,

Please check the following cases:

Case 1-
In the bot builder >> chat window , say “cheat developer off” and give the utterance.
The bot will respond as per the published version.

Case 2-
In the same way as above, say “cheat developer on” and give the utterance.
The responds as per the development version.

Observe if there is any difference in the bot response in the above cases.

Let us know your analysis(screenshots will be helpful).

Yoga Ramya

Hello @yogaramya.mendu,

Sorry for the late response. The KG responses are okay when tested within the botbuilder. It is when we test the channels (messenger and web) that the KG was not showing. As mentioned, the publishing works for Dialog tasks, but the KG seemed not carried at all towards the channels. It is moot if channels are not working, as technically, bot users cannot transact with the bot via botbuilder.

I am just trying to understand why this is happening. Anyway, our kore technical contact said they will install a patch specific to our bot.


Thank you for the update @sheela.dimayuga.

As per the above information, it seems to be environment specific issue. We couldn’t replicate it at our end.

Yoga Ramya