Knowledge Graph issue


I created a Knowledge Graph with 2 nodes (Ex1 and Ex2).

  • Ex1
    If I add 2 QAs under Test3 and click on train , the robot is responding properly.
    If i move the QA1 under Ex1 and Qa2 under Ex2, the robot is not working properly.
  • Ex1 (QA1)
    -Ex2 (QA2)

In debug it is showing :

warning User intent not identified](

2 info Standard question ‘Listing all FAQs after not understanding your request’ identified]( .

If i move both QAs back under Test3, the bot it will work properly.

Can you please advise.

Thank you!

Hi @cristian.gioarsa,

Is this issue still replicable?
However, questions not being recognized in a KG depends on the Ontology structure, Threshold settings, etc.

Please refer to the following links for better understanding:

Let us know if the issue is still replicable even after following the above guidelines.

Yoga Ramya