IVR No Match Prompt Not Playing


The bot cannot recognize a IVR “No Match” scenario and it is being handled as a global timeout. If person says “blahblahblah” we are receiving back the text from Krypton but we are considering it as intent and searching for it since nothing was found its playing Time out after a certain time.

Hi @jberean

As discussed offline, with Kore out of box IVR sandbox, no issue is observed. This is a custom integration.

You are using Krypton which is not a Nuance Recognizer, every user utterance by the caller will result in a Krypton grammar match. Hence, you will not encounter a ‘no-match’ scenario at your IVR level.
All such utterances come into the bot through the IVR. However, if the utterance doesn’t satisfy the entity definition criteria, then an error prompt is thrown. You will need to ensure you have ‘error prompts’ defined within the IVR properties of that node.