IVR Integration


I am trying to set-up my chatbot to integrate with the IVR Channel capabilities. So far I have the IVR setup. My settings are below:

I followed the set-up on this webpage:

When I call the IVR number, I am able to get my IVR welcome message. After that nothing I say is being acknowledged. This is a big issue. Any thoughts on what the issue is? Is there a specific setting I need to call to get the IVR to acknowledge my input?

I am working with a colleague who previously had his IVR settings and calls working. When he demoed his ChatBot with IVR enabled today, he encountered the same issue. His IVR was previously working. Is anyone else dealing with this issue? Any thoughts on the solution?

Happy to be called out that I’m missing a specific setting or something.

Hi @cmaroon,

  1. How did you configure welcome message?
  2. What did you put In the NaturalLanguage-> defaultConversation->eventhandler->welcomeEVent->?
  3. How have configured your dialog?
  4. Is the same working from postman?


I configured the IVR settings for welcome event Handler, but when i call IVR number,it says number doesnt exist.
Can someone help with this

Hi @csaitharun,

Please re-check the IVR channel settings and also, publish the bot once you check the channel settings.

Also, create a new bot and try the same channel configuration. Let us know if you are facing the issue even in a new bot.

Yoga Ramya