IVR and BotKit integration options

Is there any IVR channel which will allow the use of an app developed using the BotKit, or is this only possible with Dialog tasks ?

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Your question is not clear. Please clarify the requirement or query with an example so that we can assist you accordingly.

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Yes, for clarity. I’ve implemented my server side using the Kore.ai BotKit SDK - GitHub - Koredotcom/BotKit. This works great, and I’ve been able to setup web, SMS and Email channels. Now, I want to setup an IVR channel. I’ve tried this both with Twillio and also the Kore.ai sandbox, but when I connect I just get thee response “a serious system error has occurred”. So, my question is, can I use any IVR channel available via Kore.ai to communicate with my application which has implemented the Kore.ai BotKit SDK.

I do see the request coming in and being handled by my on_user_message method, but my response never gets sent, I just get system error message instead. I see this message in there (related private info, left other for details):

channel: {
channel: ‘ivrVoice’,
type: ‘ivrVoice’,
contextProvider: { requestContext: [Object], state: ‘published’ },
timestamp: 1653580587554,
productName: ‘Bots’,
sendVcf: false,
enable: true,
message: ‘The bot is disabled via IVR. You can still talk to the bot via Web/Mobile Client, Slack, Email, Twilio, Twilio Voice, IVR, Amazon Alexa.’,
activeChannels: ‘Web/Mobile Client,Slack,Email,Twilio,Twilio Voice,IVR,Amazon Alexa.’,
requestContext: { isFulfilled: true, isRejected: false, fulfillmentValue: {} }