Italian language problem with apostrophes and articles


I noticed there are many problems of understanding the Bot for a language other than the default one (English).

For example, in Italian, articles and apostrophes are interpreted incorrectly.
A word that contains an article and an apostrophe is considered as a single word creating problems for end users when they have to search for a specific FAQ within the KG.

For example, the word “un’eccedenza” contains the article “un” with the apostrophe " ’ ". It is considered by your algorithm as a single word and therefore “un’eccedenza”. In this case, when the end user searches for that same word without the article, the algorithm will have problems identifying the relevant FAQ.

Is there any way to resolve this situation?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, is there anyone who can answer me? @swagata.sengupta
Thank you in advance

I have created a support case on your behalf. We will need to get this reviewed by the dev team.
@andy.heydon May I request you to review the requirement and suggest a workaround (if any)?

For this case, if you are only talking about FAQ, one solution could be a FAQ synonym. I am not exptert in Italian but see if this works for you.



@andy.heydon Thoughts?

Hi @swagata.sengupta ,

Thank you for your reply.
That is what I’m currently trying to do. But having a lot of FAQs makes it difficult to handle every possible situation.

Another problem with your workaround is the possibility of spaces between the article, the apostrophe and the word: “un’ eccedenza”, “un’eccedenza”, “un ’ eccedenza”, “un ’ eccedenza”.
In this case, for each word there would be a multiplication factor x4.

We are currently using version 9.2.3.

Thank you

I do not see a problem in the latest version of the Platform for the combinations you have mentioned. If possible please test it as per the settings I suggested. But I do agree that in general, the solution may need some work and handling.

Hello @swagata.sengupta ,

Thank you for your workaround.

It is a bit difficult to adapt to my case having so many FAQs inserted.
I should check them one by one to see which words could trigger this issue and insert them as synonyms.

In general it seems that the system has a lot of problems with Italian. We hope they can be resolved in the future.

Thank you very much

We will try our best to make things better and more seamless for all languages supported. There are some technical challenges but as technology leaders, we will need to overcome them. Your support case is open. I am trying to get feedback from the dev too. Will keep you updated.

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