Issues with widgets and panels


I found two issues with Digital Views.

  1. When the bot is in one language (say english) and the browser language is different (say German), widgets are not getting diplayed. I’m simply getting error as ''Oops! Something went wrong." on clicking the widget.

  2. While exporting the bot, we don’t have an exclusive option to select Digital Views like we have form Digital Forms, tasks etc.,

Hello @bsk91 :smiley:,

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For the first query, could you confirm if the issue is observed when deploying widget in a channel, or within bot builder.

As for the second query, Digital views are grouped with tasks, and are automatically of the Tasks section. We will take your ask as a feature request - to have Digital Views as a separate section.

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Thanks for the quick response

The first issue occurs both in bot builder and web channel.

For the second query, since Digital views can have JSON apart from Tasks and forms, felt it as a limitation