Issue with Welcome Task Triggering in Webhook Channel using WhatsApp


I am encountering a problem integrating a WhatsApp channel via Robbu with the bot. I have set up a middleware to forward messages from Robbu to, and another endpoint sends asynchronous responses from back to the originating WhatsApp number.

The challenge arises with the initial interaction. When sending a simple “Hi” to the WhatsApp number, I expect the Welcome Task to trigger as it does in the widget. However, despite configuring the “On Connect” event under Channel Events in the Intelligence menu to execute the Welcome Task, it fails to activate. The same issue occurs with the Welcome Event, set up in the same manner but still unresponsive.

Could you guide me on whether additional configurations are needed or suggest any troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue? Your prompt assistance would be greatly appreciated as this integration is critical to our operations.

Here’s some screenshots and a video for clarification:

Whatsapp Welcome Event Video.mp4

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the detailed explanation and the video to understand the issue.

We infer from your explanation that you have configured the Welcome event and expecting it to be triggered in the Whatsapp interface which you have configured with the webhook channel.

Kindly access the webhook API in an external REST client(Postman) and send hi through it.
Please check if you are getting the Welcome task in response and let us know.

Also, please note that the welcome event triggers only for the very first message from the user.

Yoga Ramya

Hello Yoga,

I checked here and via API I correctly receive the message the first time I’m talking to the bot. I thought I would receive the message from this welcome event trigger every time a new session window was started.

Is there any way that this message can be shown again with each new active session window?