Issue with testing Authorisation Profile for REST API

Hello dear bot masters,

I’m trying to create REST API call to OpenWeatherMap, it requires to send APPID key for authorization. I’ve created new Authorization Profile of api_key type and trying to test it (url, key, content-type and method provided).

It fails, but the problem is that I have no idea why and how reasons (e.g. response) could be extracted. There’s no window or further data to follow up, just a pop-up with text ‘my authorization profile name test failed’ cryptic message (see pic below).

Tried and re-created multiple times with the very same outcome.
Cross-checked my credentials with Postman and Node.js script - all is fine.

Please give me a hand here - how can I access to log or response data to understand whats wrong with my settings?

Obviously I’ve checked the docs, like Setting Up Authorization using an API Key but it seems things have changed a bit since then.

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API key based integration only expect you to pass the key in the query while hitting the api… Why not pass it part of the API itself instead of using the Auth profile?

when testing an authorization profile why is it necessary or is it necessary to opt for “GET” method?

Hi @renisweta1094,

You will select the HTTP Methods as per the API functionality(there is no mandatory value for it). The Method attribute needs to be given value while testing the Authorization profile.

Let us know if you are facing any issue while selecting other Methods than “GET”.

Yoga Ramya.