issue while integrating the bot sdk

(meem khan) #1

hii i m trying to integrate bot with SDKApp i have followed the steps. i m getting the below error

kore-bot-sdk-client.js:3159 POST 404
run_xhr @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:3159
request @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:3117
request. @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:3287
requestTransport @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:1442
attemptTransportCall @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:872
RetryOperation.attempt @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:16484
_callTransport @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:871
wrapper @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:6926
(anonymous) @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:2656
process @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:2622 @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:16909
drainQueue @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:16879
setTimeout (async)
process.nextTick @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:16899
(anonymous) @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:2708
_arrayEach @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:1754
_insert @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:2696
q.push @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:2717
makeAPICall @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:892
login @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:1597
KoreBot.logIn @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:371
wrapper @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:6926
success @ kore-main.js:22
fire @ jquery.js:3268
fireWith @ jquery.js:3398
done @ jquery.js:9305
(anonymous) @ jquery.js:9548
load (async)
send @ jquery.js:9567
ajax @ jquery.js:9206
assertion @ kore-main.js:12
KoreBot.init @ kore-bot-sdk-client.js:392
chatWindow.init @ chatWindow.js:825
chatWindow @ chatWindow.js:652
show @ chatWindow.js:2863
(anonymous) @ kore-main.js:39
mightThrow @ jquery.js:3534
process @ jquery.js:3602
setTimeout (async)
(anonymous) @ jquery.js:3640
fire @ jquery.js:3268
fireWith @ jquery.js:3398
fire @ jquery.js:3406
fire @ jquery.js:3268
fireWith @ jquery.js:3398
ready @ jquery.js:3878
completed @ jquery.js:3888
kore-bot-sdk-client.js:338 Error: Unable to process request, received bad 404 error
at handleTransportResponse (kore-bot-sdk-client.js:855)
at Object.handleRequestTranportRes (kore-bot-sdk-client.js:1414)
at Object.wrapper [as callback] (kore-bot-sdk-client.js:7423)
at on_end (kore-bot-sdk-client.js:3234)
at XMLHttpRequest.on_state_change (kore-bot-sdk-client.js:3184)

i m actually using to build bots.

i m also getting this er when i run npm install

please help me solve this.
thank you

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

Hi @15cs050, You should be updating the koreAPIUrl at the configs of your webSDK. Please let us know if you still see the issue after making the change.

(meem khan) #3

thank you @Subrahmanyam its working now.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #4

Glad, we could assist you on this :slight_smile: