Issue bot service response

Hi, I am getting an error when trying to call an external service, this is the bot response:


but there is no error in the debug panel:

the service response is configured like this: there is an “else” option (which should handle error service responses) that redirects to a message node called Reseteo_Response_KO

This is the Reseteo_Response_KO configuration:

but the Reseteo_Response_KO message is never launching, what am I doing wrong? help would be appreciated.

Hello @lorenacursos ,

We appreciate the detailed explanation on the issue. The error does not always imply a Service node failure. It is a more generic error to determine that there is an issue with the dialog task execution. I would recommend you check the nodes after the service node to determine where and why the error is encountered.

You can also navigate to Analyze section ->> NLP Insights – check Failed task, Performance and Debug logs tabs for more details on what happened in the conversation.

Hope this helps. If we were to furhter troubleshoot we need access to the bot. You may share the bot access with “