Is there any switch to enable dialog task for bot

hi guys,
i am facing an annoying issue which not happened on Kore AI “try for free” platform but on my own kore ai bot which is hosted by my company
i configured simple dialog task and knowledge graph, which work on “try for free” platform after train. But for my own Kore ai bot which hosted by my company kore ai team, both dialog task and knowledge graph are not working, the bot can not understand my intent when i input same intent unterrance as configured, it just responding with “bot doesn’t have any actions, alerts, or knowledge tasks.”.
Only Small Talk working.
anyone has got this kind of issue. need your help

Hello @15710165386 (Eric),

Welcome to Kore community!!

The message “bot doesn’t have any actions, alerts, or knowledge tasks.” indicates that in which ever version (‘in-development’ or ‘published’ modes) user is trying to access the bots, the tasks are not available.

If you are testing in bot builder itself, then try “cheat developer reset” command and test the responses. It is also possible that the training was not complete by the time you have attempted the communication.

If in channel, ensure you have published the bot prior to testing.

Let us know you observations.