Is it possible to set up Table responses in Microsoft Teams Channel?

(Mark Sandford) #1

In making bots so far, I have realised that elements that appear in the Web interface for testing work well in Microsoft teams (e.g. listing options on Entities to click through in Dialogtasks). I’d like to set up a response as a table within the message, however, looking through documentation I can only find the following link:

Through these instructions, it looks like I can set up channel specific & by setting the right parameters. (e.g. the Web interface). For Microsoft Teams, there are no available templates. Please let me know if this is possible!

(Swagat) #2

MS teams has its own doucmentation and does not have any control over it and its changes and hence we do not offer any templates out of the shelf. We have tested that normal adaptive cards etc. templates are rendered well usually. Every channel has its own limitations.