interrupt entity node and start new task


(meem khan) #1

hi team

I am trying to interrupt a entity node and start a new conversation.

when i hit help the bot responses for help and again the password reset dialog appears. I want the flow to discard password reset dialog and continue from help


please help!!

(Swagat) #2

help is considered a small-talk.
Hold and resume setting at an entity works little differently for small-talk and FAQ. Please read the documentation from within manage interruption section.
Any thing that finishes in one hop will have a similar behaviour. If a dialog is invoked which is interactive, it will work fine.

You can try making the entity optional and you should see some difference in system behaviour.


(meem khan) #3

i tried this but then the email pattern is not being evaluated

Its not just for help. If Any other FAQ is given the bot still responds same
Please help me in this.

(Swagat) #4

If you read the documentation carefully, smalltalk and FAQ have similar behaviour. Both have one-hop response. Please visit the link and read through carefully.