Intent Recognition

Hi Kore Team,

I want to create some buttons which should be triggered through FAQ. For Example consider below use-case:
Bot says: I am Kore bot and can perform: Button 1, Button 2
User : (Selects button 1)
{Now this button 1 payload will be coming from Knowledge Graph)

Is this possible? If yes how

Hi @reni.sweta,

You can achieve the requirement using the below approach.

In the button template code, similar to the array that contains the button names, add another array with KG questions respective to the button names.

In the payload, push the values from the KG questions array.

In this way, when the user clicks on button1, 1st value from KG questions array will be passed as payload triggering the question.

Please check this and let us know if you need any further clarification.

Yoga Ramya

Yes i did trying this by putting KG questions to payload array but i am trying this with adaptive card from action.choices and after saving this in a variable i am just passing it to the next entity node so that i can use list of values type but i is just taking this as a value and not any input i guess.
Attaching snap for your reference