Intent not recognized

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I want to restrict the user from going in dead end in their conversation, if the intent is not being recognized after three attempt. So I want to display the message saying conversation is not proceeding or something of that sort.
So Is there a way to keep a track of user utterances and if it exceeds trial limit then it should display the message.

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You can use default dialog setting to achieve your use case. This is a task that can be invoked each time there is intent not found.
But you can control the behaviour by setting a context level counter. You can increment it in drfault dialog task each time there is intent not found. On hitting a threshold like 3 in your case, a specific flow can be chosen, else it can just show some message.

@yogaramya.mendu please see if you can provide an example of this implementation.

Hi Swagata,

We tried the above steps and it is working. Thank you so much!