Integrating whatsapp messaging with bot action

I want to send alert message to user through whatsapp if the user leave the journey midway or on any particular bot action. . how can i integrate whats-app messaging in my bot.

Hi @atul.khot ,

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Could you please elaborate more on your requirement/ use case ?

Based on the requirement we can check and assist you accordingly.

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Srujan Madderla Community Team

Hi @srujan.madderla ,
We want to create a journey on bot. The journey include below steps:

  1. user has provided number
  2. Generate quote,
  3. Complete application
  4. Complete KYC process
  5. Complete Payment
  6. Thank You message after payment is completed.
  7. Sent policy copy, after payment is completed.

If the user leaves the journey in middle of any step we want to send whatsapp message to user to complete journey.
example: if the quote is generated(Step 2) and user leaves the bot without completing the application (Step 3) then we want to send whatsapp message to user saying - “Please complete your application. To continue please click on link below: ”