Information about knowledge functionalities

Hi, I would like to know if someone could help me understand the functionalities of the intent precondition and context output options found in Knowledge

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Please refer to the below documentation for your query.

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I have read the attached documentation, what I would need is an example applied to the Kore.IA platform for a greater understanding of that functionality and thus be able to implement it.

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The intent precondition and context output are powerful tools for controlling who can access a dialog flow and when. I can’t begin to explain all the possible scenarios, but I recently was asked to provide access level controls for students and teachers using the same bot. The initial greeting asked “are you a student or a teacher?” and then went through the authentication process. After authentication, I sent the teachers to different welcome dialog flow than the students. In that flow, I had entered “teacher” into the context output . For each dialog flow reserved for teachers only, I had entered “teacher” into the intent precondition. If a student entered an utterance that matched the teacher’s dialog flow intent, the platform would not recognize that intent. The combination of these settings made the teacher-only intents ‘invisible’ to the students.
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