In which all cases date ambiguity resolution dialog be invoked?

If I am entering date for a date entity node, as 3/4/2019 it shows ambiguity dialogue. When I enter another date like 5/2/2019 it does not show ambiguity dialogue again.

In which all cases is ambiguity dialogue invoked?
Is it chat-history specific? On what basis does the bot remember the user’s choice?
What happens when chat-history log is rolled over… Does it show the ambiguity dialogue or not?
When one connects to the bot as anonymous, does ambiguity resolution dialog invoke always?

If a user enters an ambiguous date then the bot will prompt for clarification and remember the result as the preference for how this user likes to enter a date. That user, when using that bot, will not be asked again.

An individual user generally does not alter their preferred order.

Note this functionality is also language specific, so for example there is no ambiguity in German.


Adding to the above, the user invoking the chat session will see ambiguity dialogue for date only if the user has never resolved the ambiguity before.

Once the user resolves ambiguity, user will not be asked again about date ambiguity. This is intended behavior of the platform.

For other users also, ambiguity will be resolved only once. If the user provides date format as 3/23/2019 before entering any ambiguous date, user will NOT be shown ambiguity dialog. It will be assumed that user is following mm/dd/yyyy format.

Yoga Ramya.

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Is there a way i can reset this Date ambiguity setting . I wanted the user to be prompted for ambiguity dialog every time they enter a Date. Also can i reset it per user session.