In liveagent snowConversation.js file is calling on calling node app.js,even I commented out the snowConversation calling function

In live agent when I am running node app.js,It is also calling a file snowconversation.js
Till now I thought of It is running due to


becuase of this line,but when i commented Out that too it is calling the snowConversation.js file.


var Application = require("./lib/app");

var Server = require("./lib/server");

var sdk = require("./lib/sdk");

var config = require("./config");

var MongoUtil = require(’./db/index’)

const mongoClient = require(‘mongodb’).MongoClient

var app = new Application(null, config);

var server = new Server(config, app);

Screenshot (249) sdk.registerBot(require(’./snowConversation.js’));

In the above ‘InsnowConversation’ is printing from the snowConversation.js
hello from the app.js