Image as a response in ChatBot

Is it possible to have image as a response in our bot?
Can we save the images somewhere while building the bot?

Hi @sharvari4810c,

It is possible to have images in bot response using Corousel,List, Quick replies templates.

Steps to configure them are as follows:

  1. Enable web/mobile channel
  2. In dialog, at the desired response node, go to manage prompts. Add web mobile channel specific message and choose java script.
  3. There you can see predefined templates which web channel supports. Among them use any of the above templates.

About saving images, does not allow any dedicated spaces for your images. As long as your images are publicly hosted you can reference their URL.
We would also like to clarify that if you have seen attachment type of entities, bot will allow you to upload file (including image) but that link/ toke has a 5 minutes expiry or first access expiry whichever is earlier.