I want to use getChoices() in universal bot

I want to use getChoices() in universal bot.

However, if you use getChoices() in Universal Bot, the list does not appear.

Is there any other usage different from the standard bot?

Can you please explain the scenario further? If you can specify which standard response you are trying to override, we can try to help you out.
Every standard response has a specific purpose. It is a response to a ‘situation’ when the bot is not trained otherwise to respond.
Yes, there are some differences in how the universal bots and standard bots work. But as we mentioned, if you let us know the scenario, we should be able to help you.

Thank you for answer.

Let me explain the current situation

It works normally in standard bots, but not the same in universal bots.

what kind of action
When entering an utterance of another scenario in the entity node while the scenario is in progress
The standard bot normally proceeds to the corresponding utterance, whereas the universal bot does not recognize the utterance of another scenario and displays the standard response message ‘I am not sure what you mean’.
As a result of checking the NL Analysis through debug, it was confirmed that the utterances of other scenarios were accurately recognized.
Here, I used getChoices() to customize the standard response, but the list is not printed.

The universal bot was used by linking the corresponding standard bot.

getChoices() can be used in scenarios where the user is supposed to be asked about some options. If there is an ambiguity or a list of options the bot will ask the user to choose from, that is where the getChoices is triggered. If the standard response does not prompt the user to choose anything the getchoices will not populate anything.
Example: To show the usage of getChoices in the standard response - “Listing of ambiguous intents from the same linked bot” during the manage interruptions.

Below is the usage of getChoices() in a UB.

Note: My set up for the demo is
|_Child bot 1 [linked as fallback] (intent: book flight, check weather)
|_Child bot 2 [linked as fallback] (intent: view ticket, create ticket)