I want to activate the MS Teams channel, what policy do I need to subscribe to?

I want to activate the MS Teams channel, what policy do I need to subscribe to?

At the customer’s request, I’m trying to create a chatbot with the Teams channel.
I’ve read all the documentation, but it’s only written about how to interlock.

But I don’t know the exact MS policy.
After reading document sites, it seems that you can subscribe to the premium channel.
Customers say they don’t know what it is.

I don’t know which subscription and which procedure to apply for.
can you please guide me?

@minkyu.jo ,

As per the documentation below, you can subscribe to the policy in Azure that allows you to create a bot in your Azure account for integration with the bot builder.

Let us know if you need any further clarification.

Yoga Ramya,
Kore Support.

Hello Yogaramya Mendu,

I’m reaching out because I have a question. Currently, our Kore.ai Teams channel is connected to Teams without an Azure Bot.

I was told through a support ticket that having an Azure Bot is essential to use the Notification API. Can you let me know what functionalities we would need from Azure’s side to use Notifications? Also, I’m curious if there will be any actual costs incurred from Azure.

Since our customer cannot create an Azure Bot due to subscription limitations, I think we need to explain the costs and ask them to create an Azure Bot.

Since we are using the Kore.ai Teams Channel, would it be possible to confirm approximate costs, such as per message or per period?

Thank you.