I can't access the Standard Responses

I need help with a problem.

I cannot customize the standard responses generated for my bot. When I click on the standard answers, there is no result like the picture and the page does not open.

Is there a reason for this? When I searched the community, I couldn’t find a solution for this.Error

Hi @fundagunaydin35,

Please check the following-

  • Are you able to access other sections in the bot like the “default dialog” section etc?
  • Is this a bot that is shared with you by someone, if yes, which role do you have?
  • Before opening the “Standard responses” section, please keep console(F12) open and check if you are observing any errors in the API calls in the “Network tab” of the console.
    Also, right in the network tab and copy all as HAR, send us the HAR file for further debugging.

Yoga Ramya

Hi @yogaramya.mendu, I checked:

  • I can access the “default dialog”, “event handlers” sections. I just can’t access the “Standard responses” section. When I click it, it waits for a long time to load and the page does not open.
  • No, it’s not a bot shared with me by someone. I created it myself.
  • I am sending the screenshot and HAR file.

Please cliked : HAR File


Does this happen in a new bot? We are unable to replicate this. This could be a very corner case bot-data issue.
You may send your bot export (save the JSONs as .txt and then Zip) to koresupport@kore.com for us to take a look at the bot.
Just confirming that you are on our cloud https://bots.kore.ai and not using an on-premise version.