I am not getting data from data tables using digital forms

if u can also give me your mobile number it will be very much helpfull to me.

Hello @rajashekar7007 ,

Issue : We infer from your screenshots that you were not able to fetch the data from the data table through service node.

Analysis :

We have worked on the same scenario, where we have two entity nodes like Phone number and Name to fetch the data from the Service Node.

Below is the screenshot of the Dialog Flow for your reference:

In the service Node>> choose filter column >> add two filters that takes the value from the entity nodes.

Below is the Screen shot how to add two filters :

Keep the limit value as 1 and off set value as 0.

With “OR” condition and it worked successfully.

Kindly implement as above and let us know if you are observing any issue.

Note :- We have used “AND” condition by adding only one filter like phone number to fetch the data but it is displaying an error .We are working with our internal teams to understand if the issue with the “AND” condition is at the platform level or any configuration mistake .

We will keep you posted.