How to train unhandled utterances in entities?

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We are going to use prod utterances to train the bot. i.e we can find unmatched words in Unhandled Utterances of NLP Insights. Can we add them to specific entities in NLP Insights or something else without going to those entities in BotBuilder?
In the attached screenshot, the entity is List of Items(enumerated) and we added cell phone and landline as items. So we want to add the unhandled utterance “Cellphone” to the entity. But I cannot find any way to do it. It looks like NLP Insights only support adding items to Intents.

Please give me some tips.

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I tested your scenario in my bot and found that you cannot add utterances to an entity from the NLP Insights report. The “magic wand” takes you to intent training, not the entity. Sorry.


What the report is telling you (sorry if this is obvious) is someone gave the entity a value that wasn’t in your list…in your case “Cellphone”. It’s not an utterance training issue, it’s an incomplete list issue. I suggest you add Cellphone to the synonyms list in the List of Items node.

It would be great if the platform could take you directly to the node shown in the report, but it doesn’t function that way today. You need to go to the node in botbuilder.

Thanks, @john.nicholson.
We want business people(have less experience in Kore bot development) to be able to train the bot using prod utterances after the bot developed. If it is not possible to train in NLP Insights, is there any way to train the bot with prod utterances without going to entities?


I believe you have a node configuration problem, not a NLP training problem, but I have an idea that might help. If I was trying to enable “citizen developers” to fix an entity problem without opening the dialog flow, I would teach them to “Manage Components”.

From your NLP Insights view, you know the prompt type, node name and the dialog task name.

To open the entity directly and add “cellphone” to the List of Items, click on the Manage Components button in the Dialog Task menu view (top right corner).

Select the node type (yours is an “Entity”) to view all the entity nodes configured in the bot.

Find “Aetna_Q1” in the list and confirm it’s a List of Items. In my bot, I’ll use “entAppointmentAction”. Clicking on the name will open the component properties panel.

Click on the gear icon at the far right of the Type field to open the list values and add the “cellphone” synonym to the list. Be sure to click Save after entering the new value. Here is what my list looks like.

This way you can allow your users to modify the node without directly accessing the dialog flow. I don’t know of another solution to your issue, but I hope this helps.

A quick note sightly off topic: If you ever wondered how to delete those nodes you added to a flow and then didn’t need, Manage Components is the place to go to remove them from the bot. The third column describes the dialog flow(s) where the entity is used. If it’s blank, it’s not in use. Hover over the name and the Trash Can icon will appear to the far right.

That’s really good to know.

Thanks for your help.