How to show typing Indicator in MS teams channel

Is it possible to show typing indicator in MS teams channel?
COuld you please share the sample.

@nandana.nalapareddy will not be able to answer this. Please reach out to MS Teams support.

Hi Swagata, MS teams has the capability to show the typing indicator. However this has to be send from the bot, for the channel to show it. I know that in Web channel bot can send the typing indicator.

For MS teams, has Kore explored this typing indciator scenario. If any examples you have that would help. Please note we are using botkit as well for MS teams channel.

FYI… I have created a bot in MS chatbot framework, when I send the typing indicator fron MS chatbot framework, it appears in the MS teams. So my question is how do send the typing indicator from bot builder in ?

MS Teams would need some message from the bot. does not send this from bot by default. Also as of now there is no plan to support this behaviour for a particular channel.
My suggestion is that first try to get what is the event/ data that is needed to be shown. Then may be from bot-kit a message/ API can be called.

@Subrahmanyam Please share your thoughts if you have a better approach.