How to send the different text in button template

my platform is web/mobile client. in this i am using to send a welcome message when bot connects.
In this scenario i am sending 2 buttons.i am having button template but now here is the twist that button text is “abc” and onclick to the button, text is also sending as “abc”. i want to send another text like :- “something” on clicking to button containing text “abc”.
Is it possible???

If you use the standard button template for our web/mobile client channel,
The payload is what is sent back to the platform. Title is what is displayed to user.

var info = ["Button1", "Button2", "Button3"];
var message = {
    "type": "template",
    "payload": {
        "template_type": "button",
        "text": "Button Template Label",
        "subText": "Button Template Description",
        "buttons": []
for (i = 0; i < info.length; i++) {
    // if the button is to send back text to platform
    var button = {
        "type": "postback",
        "title": info[i],
        "payload": "payload1"

    /* Uncomment this if the button is to redirect to url
     var button = {
     "type":"web_url", // type can be "postback" if


so whatever payload i am sending to the bot onclick of the button , i want to show the same on UI, how could i proceed with that??

I suggest you to have same display (title) and payload. But you said you want to send a different text than title. Once user clicks the payload, you can have a message node after that to show what value of entity you received.

yes exactly the message node should have display of payload not the title which is displaying on message node.

here is the screenshot and requirement i want:-


here in place of message node (highlighted in red )sending from user side “click1” should not show. it should show the payload data.

Imagine you want to display user names like “Ashish”, “Mohan”, “Yakub” and you have payload values of “emp_1232_56876435”, “emp_1232_56876436” and “emp_1232_56876437” as payload so that platform can use the code to call some next service node.
Do you think it will be a good user experience to show the payload?
It is working as designed for a good user experience.

I got you it will not be a good user experience but atleast there should be a way where i can send another text and it should be visible from user bubble.
is there any flexibility??

It will not show in the chat conversation (it is both a bad user experience and a potential security issue). You can display the value of entity you captured in next node if you want to.