How to search wikipedia simple entry?

(Alexander Gozali) #1

Hello, I just started learning and I have a question. TL;DR: Can the bot search wikipedia simple entry and tell the user the first paragraph of the entry? If yes, how?

Let’s say I want to make an information bot, when an user ask something like “Who is Mo Salah?” or “What is Brie?” or “What happen in World War II?”, I want the bot to search the wikipedia simple entry of those things (Mo Salah, Brie, World War II) and tell the user the first paragraph of the entry.

For example, Brie answer would be: " Brie is a type of soft cheese with a yellowish interior and a white layer on the outside of the cheese. Like other cheeses, Brie is a dairy product made from milk. In some countries, Brie cheese is served with fruit as a dessert at the end of a meal."

Is that possible? If yes, how to do that? thank you everyone

(Karthik Tadikonda) #2

Hi @alexander.gozali,

Hope you got the answer in