How to retain chat conversation within chat window between the web application page clicks


Scenario -
I am logged into my web application where my bot is integrated, bot is being displayed/made available on multiple pages/tabs of the web application. During the chat conversation, if i click on other page, in chat window the chat is being reloaded from the beginning. How to prevent the reload i.e. how to retain the chat conversation between the page clicks?


Hi @ngumudavelli,

Please let us know the below details:

  • Is the chat window is reloaded completely while navigating from one page to another?
  • If yes, does the bot treat this session as a new session i.e., are you observing any welcome message(if configured)
  • Send us screenshots or a screencast to understand the issue better.

Yoga Ramya

When other page link is clicked, the existing chat conversation gets cleared, starts with welcome message and waits for user response. See attached images for reference. Thanks!

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