How to restrict user to enter sensitive data on Chatbot?


(Himanshu Goel) #1

Is there any way by which we can apply some filters or condition by which user won’t be able to type sensitive data like credit card information on Chatbot like by masking it into special characters like passwords.

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(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

@himanshu.goel.mca Is the requirement here is to not allow the user enter sensitive data or redact the user provided information while storing it on the platform and displaying the same to the user?

If you were to restrict the user not to provide this info at all, then please frame the logic at the web SDK or Botkit SDK to identify a pattern at onMessage event and notify the user accordingly.

If you are looking for redacting the user provided info, the platform offers PII (Personally Identifiable Information) settings to redact the information provided the user. The platform does it by is identifying the patterns as defined at the PII settings.

The developer is provided the options to use the system provided info types ( Email, SSN, Credit Card and Phone number ) or create a custom info type by defining a regular expression.

Please refer to the below link for more details on PII:

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