How to mask the user entered email address

How can i make sure the email address user enters is shown back as masked email address instead of what just was entered by user.

I also want use the proper email address down the line for service call, so i want to keep the proper email in a variable and pass it to service.


I believe you were referring to the chat history when he accessed the bot again. You will need to the enable the PII settings at the bot and then turn ON the Email Info type. This would basically mask all user inputs which matches the regex present at Email Info type.

If you need to utilize the value provided at the entity matching this regex for further transitions or service nodes etc, associate the entity with the Info type.

Please refer to the below links for more details:

Thanks for the response Subrahmanyam,

I actually want to show the user input masked like the highlighted portion in the attached picture for user input. Please inform if its possible for the bot to show it masked but still be able to use the input to be sent to some API.

From what I understood by going through above links, it might be something similar with below post:

I am using version 6.2.3, hope there are no version issue.

Please see if you can clarify or guide me to some example.


@janak.jay I couldn’t find the screenshot here to check your usecase. Could you please recheck and attach it ?


Yes, its possible.

Ohh Sorry, I missed to add the screenshot.

I was referring to the attached screenshot. Bot will ask for email & ID, user will enter values for those. But instead of full email & ID, we want the Bot to show masked values.

please suggest the approach for below:

  1. How can the bot show the entered value masked just when the user has entered
  2. How to use unmasked those values as parameters in a service call.



@janak.jay Okay, I see your point. The input will be sent as is to the platform. However, if it matches the regex as defined at the PII settings, they would be redacted while storing it internally.

That’s the reason when you call the conversation history APIs from the webSDK, you see the inputs matching regex been redacted.

As you are referring to webSDK and your requirement is to mask the input as it passes from the input box to the chat window, developer should create the logic at the webSDK itself to display the masked text to the user and pass the actual value to the platform.

How to decode the masked data, which is need to pass information to an API (backend) ?