How to restrict the usage of Email Channel for certain Emails ID only


(Himanshu Goel) #1

I have deployed a bot using email channel. But right now any user how is having the email id of the bot can send the email and return the response. Please let me know if is there any setting by which I can restrict its usage to certain user with specific email id so that other user can get the response from that bot email channel directly.

(swathi vadlamani) #2

@himanshu.goel.mca In case of enterprise bots, you can select the users who can access the bot by assigning permission to the users. And only the assigned users will be able to access the bot and view the email. In case of consumer bot, unless you share the email with respective users, there is no point of knowing the email id of the bot. Other than the mentioned above, there is no way of restricting users from knowing the email id of the bot.


(Himanshu Goel) #3

Thanks @swathi.vadlamani. I was using consumer bot, I have recreated the scenario with Enterprise bot, and it is working fine by giving non-access related response to a user who is not registered with the bot.

(swathi vadlamani) #4

Thats awesome @himanshu.goel.mca. You rock!