How to POST data with cutom service by service node?


I want to POST some data to an open API in this case MOCKI API, but I don’t know how can you help me please?

Hi @daniel,

Are you observing any error while testing with those parameters?

Please let us know the behaviour so that we can help you further.

Yoga Ramya

Hello @yogaramya.mendu.

Thanks for your reply, the issue was in the HEADERS, you need to provide the next parameters


And then you can pass to the body the parameters you want to update or create



Hi @daniel,

Thanks for sharing your observations.

Please feel free to create a new post in case of any further issues/queries.

Yoga Ramya

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Hello @yogaramya.mendu Thank you so much.

Kind Regards!

Hi Daniel,

did you get any context value to pass and check the code and also can you give me a screenshot of the test responses