How to make the bot repeat the options or entity prompt in voice channel

Problem statement:

If a ‘non-string’ entity is made mandatory, and the user provides a different value, normally error prompt is played. If the user would rather ask something like ‘can you please repeat’ or ‘sorry I lost you for a second’, the bot should repeat the entity prompt and not play an error message.

Proposed solution:

The ‘Repeat’ type scenarios on the voice channels (at entity types other than String) can be handled with the use of sub intents at dialogs (interruption management).

1) Create a new Subintent Only Dialog as “REPEAT”

2) Configure a simple acknowledge message for repeat within this dialog and provide sufficient training.

3) Now against the dialogs at which the caller might ask to repeat, access the “Manage interruption Behavior” section and configure the “Repeat” sub intent as follows.

image (17)

Solution courtesy: @Subrahmanyam