How to invoke particular entity node

Is there an approach that i can follow to train utterance to specifically invoke a particular entity node in an intent

Hello @smita.patil7 ,

Do you mean to have the entity value assigned, from the utterance? We have NER tagging that allows bot to capture entity value from an utterance.

Check the following page for more details: Machine Learning - Documentation

If the usecase is different, share an example so that we can assist you accordingly.

Suppose there is task, it is kind of browsing. Whatever keywords user going to type then bot will give URL for the same. So to type that keyword firstly the user need to invoke that task but, i want the bot to give particular URL without invoking the task. example if user type brainly then bot will invoke URL for the same as

Hello @smita.patil7 ,

A bot response comes from a task or FAQ.

Here is your usecase, you want to taken the utterance and provided relevant URL to user. So there is a trigger word and the task bot needs to do based on that. If each keyword is mapped with a URL, you can use FAQ’s.

Hope this clarifies your concern