How to integrate with google hangouts

(Jorge Augusto Delgado) #1

I’m trying to integrate the Hangout Chat Bot with the Kore Ai dialog flow, is that possible ?
If so, any ideas how can i do it ?

Thanks in advance.

(swathi vadlamani) #2

@jorge.delgado I am afraid, if I understood your request completely. Are you asking if platform integrates with Google hangouts channel?If yes, then No; we currently do not support google hangouts as a channel. That said, we do have google assistant as a channel.

That said, google hangouts channel support is in our roadmap.


(Jorge Augusto Delgado) #3

Yes, that was the question. But there is someway that i can do it manually ?


(swathi vadlamani) #4

I am afraid, if there is any way to configure it. As mentioned earlier, it is in our roadmap and will be available in future.


(Guilherme Carvalho) #5

Hi swathi, I’m working on hangouts integration with @jorge.delgado.

I’m having some trouble with JWT authentication. I followed the tutorial ( in kore ai documentation but even inserting the correct information on index.html (like botOptions.clientId, botOptions.botInfo, clientSecret) I was unable to access the api to get the information.

I’ll post my sample index.html here (I don’t care about credentials… it)

(swathi vadlamani) #6

@guilherme.carvalho Let us try it out at our end as well. But, I am not sure it it works as expected, as mentioned earlier. Please do share the details to swathi dot vadlamani at kore dot com and we will get back to you at the earliest.


(Guilherme Carvalho) #7

Well, I don’t know how to share my index.html file with you through the kore dot com. How can I do it? I’m hosting the files and redirecting the bot to my callback url?

(Guilherme Carvalho) #8

nevermind. I’ll send you the file.

(swathi vadlamani) #9

@guilherme.carvalho I received the file. Thanks!

(swathi vadlamani) #10

Hi @guilherme.carvalho We went through the index.html you have shared with us. Looks like you are building a bot for google hangouts using our web sdk channel. This is not same as hosting bot on google hangouts. Anyways, we observe that you haven’t provided JWT endpoint that generates the authorised JWT token . You have given as follows “url: botOptions.koreAPIUrl + “users/sts”,” , which is incorrect. Provide the correct JWT endpoint. Please go through the below article as well


(Guilherme Carvalho) #11

Hi @swathi.vadlamani. I abandoned the attempt to build the integration using the file that I shared with you. I built a node.js code using my computer as an intermediate to do the communication (callback URL still using the webChannel). But anyway I’ll try to make my html file work according the link that you sent. Probably I’ll have other issues to solve after give a try on the method that you gave by the link. So, if it happens, I post more details here.

Snapshot of Hangouts chat working:

Thank You Swathi!

(swathi vadlamani) #12

Wow…thats awesome @guilherme.carvalho. More to hear from you!