How to integrate predictive ML model at the backend and return the prediction to the user?

I want to integrate an ML model at the backend of the chatbot (Using Bot Action). User inputs provided by the customer should be passed to the model at the backend and the output prediction should be returned back to the user.

I can make the ML model in Python but don’t know how to integrate it here. Is it possible by an API call?
Please let me know the procedure for the same if anyone knows. Thanks

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Kore virtual assistants use the powerful multi-engine NLU by default, that should be able to accommodate your ML requirements.
If you prefer to use NLU engine of your preference, has a provision to integrate with external NLU engines. You can find the details of this feature in our documentation :

In Builder, navigate to Integrations >> External NLU:

Currently available External Adapter is for Dialog flow. You may find the steps to use Dialog flow Engine here: . Other Adapters will be supported soon.

Hope this information helps!! Let us know if you have any further questions.

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