How to integrate chat bot into a single html page like we can do in IBM Watson Assistant?

I searched on the internet/documentation a lot but found nothing about how to integrate chat bot in a single existing client’s html page. The html page is hosted on IBM cloud foundry hosting service. The cloud foundry serves the html page when user access the url of the application.
In IBM Watson assistant we just copy 7-8 lines of code from IBM’s console and paste it in script tag of html page and it shows the chat bot at the bottom right corner automatically. But I’m having a hard time getting to know how to integrate the chat bot like that.
I have chat bot SDK but it comes with full node.js server. That’s not required in my case.
Can anyone help please. The client is eager to deploy the page having chat bot integrated in his html page.

Hi @nayanpaliwal16,

The node.js server is given as an example in the documentation. You can use any other server.

You just need to have the html, Js and CSS files from the webSDK folder.

Yoga Ramya