How to identify entities from the first user utterance?

(Soraia Carmo) #1

Hi everyone!

I’m fairly new with this platform, but I’ve been reading some posts and documentation and I don’t seem find a solution to my problem.

Let’s say the user just started a new conversation and says “next Tuesday send £30 to Sophia”.

In this specific scenario how would I identify the @date, @amount and @name from the start (without having different entity nodes making individual questions about amount, date, name, etc.) and how would I program this payment for a future date?

Thanks in advance!


(swathi vadlamani) #2

@soraia.carmo Thanks for writing to us! Please refer and How to use Composite Entity for more details on this.


(Himanshu Goel) #3

Thanks @swathi.vadlamani I have already referred the same URL for composite entity, but the scenario which I had problem wasn’t mentioned over there. So if you can update that documentation with the example which @andy.heydon mentioned on this ticket then it will be also beneficial for the future user who might be having problem.

Also, you can close this ticket.

(swathi vadlamani) #4

Sure @himanshu.goel.mca. We will update accordingly!

(Andy Heydon) #5

As @himanshu.goel.mca mentioned you can use a composite entity, but you can also use normal entities.

If your dialog has those three individual entity nodes then when the dialog reaches the first entity it will first check to see if a suitable value has already been said on a previous/current utterances for this intent, and if it finds one it will extract the value and transition to the next node. No questions asked.

Now if that entity is marked as mandatory and there is no value then the user will be prompted, but even that can be modified by setting the entity to hidden. In which case the utterances will be checked for a value and if something is found then great, otherwise it will just move on.