How to handle maintain the count when intent is not identified

I have made a default task . Whenever the bot will not identify any of the task or intent it will come to default task and the requirement is if the the utterance will come three times in that task by retrying it again and again for the forth time it should be transferred to live agent. I am not able to come with solution

Hi @awasthividhu,

You should be able to manage this functionality by writing code in BotKit.
The onUserMessage and onBotMessage functions should be able to help you in identifying the utterance that is not being identified by the bot and then you can call the LiveAgentTransfer function.

Let us know if you need any further guidance on this usecase.

Yoga Ramya.

Hi @yogaramya.mendu would like to get further guidance on how to configure how many times the incomprehension response should prompt the user to rephrase their question.

Can it also be configured based on a context variable or only outside the platform using BotKit?

Once this number of attempts has been surpassed, the conversation can be handed over to a human agent. If so, what would be the steps to follow?


Is there another way to achieve this via bot builder, without using bot builder?