How to display options(buttons/links) by reading textfile from chatbot

1.i have a text file having two links
2. i want to read this text file data using chatbot
3.would like to display that data as options(buttons/links).

I am attaching a screenshot for the reference.tryout

Could you please help me out.

Hi @siripurapurahul,

Will this text file be uploaded to the bot in a user conversation?
Please let us know your complete requirement/use-case to help you further.

Yoga Ramya.

Hi @yogaramya.mendu Let us assume our document is in a google drive i would like to access the document and read the document values and display them as options to user in the bot ui , Can this requirement be fulfilled if yes can you please give us the steps for it.

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HI @yogaramya.mendu

This is our actual requirement where there will be a json input file in some of the respository like google cloud here the bot need to read the contents in the json file and should response according to the contents in json.

Lets say suppose a json contains two buttons in the starting it should be displayed as welcome buttons to the user now based on the user selection on the buttons the flow should go as per given in the json for this requirement i am giving a sample json file to you.

“type”: “template”,
“template_type”: “button”,
“text”: “What do you want to do next?”,
“type”: “web_url”,
“title”: “Show Website”,
“url”: “
“type”: “postback”,
“title”: “Start Chatting”,
As this json is showing us two buttons its should display the two buttons based on the button click we should capture the input and based on the input it should redirect to corresponding node of the json and the flow should continue If it is possible in our Can you please help me out at the earliest possible.

Thank you @siripurapurahul

Hi @siripurapurahul,

We are analyzing your requirement.
We will update you soon.

Yoga Ramya.

I have a similar question. If any file(xlsx) is uploaded in botbuilder, then is it possible to read the contents of the uploaded file within bot builder probably using javascript only. Write now I use botkit to switch to python which can read/process files using pandas, but i want to avoid the dependency on botkit. So is there way that bot builder can perform this activity?