How to delete published dialog tasks

I have created dialog task and published , now i need to delete that dialog task.
I have tried but it is not deleting, how do i delete published dialog task

Dear Srihari,

Unfortunately, you cannot delete a task if it has been published. However, you can hide or suspend it for the end users from being used, i.e end-user cannot access that task of the bot.

Steps to suspend a published task:

Bots Admin Console -> Bots Management -> Enterprise / Consumer Bots
Search for your bot from the list and click visible on the right.
Select Manage Bot Tasks -> Bot Tasks

In that window, you will be finding an option to unselect all the tasks that you want to hide from the users.
"Choose the tasks you want to be active for this bot. All unselected tasks will be suspended and a message will be sent to all its users notifying them of the suspension of the task."
Click Confirm once you are done with the select/unselect.

Follow the screenshot for your reference:



Note: While a task is suspended in the Bots Admin console, a developer can still access the task in Bot Builder. He can create/modify and publish an upgrade, but the Bot task remains suspended until the Bots Admin explicitly changes the status back to Active .

Hope this helps.

Thanks & regards, Support

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